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Please select the number of tickets or hours needed. 

Upon payment your account will be credited with the selected services and our team will be readily available to answer your question. offers you, a high quality support on appliances containing the pfSense® or OPNSense software and on pfSense® or OPNSense software implementation projects, whatever the complexity of the project you have. 

Our offer is based on a simple scheme, you simply have to choose a number of tickets / days of support valid for one year. 


Once you have paid for your support, our team will be available by e-mail or by phone from 9am to 6pm CEST. 


For example we can help you with the following tasks: 

  • Setup of pfSense® or OPNsense® softwares
  • General configuration of the firewall (interfaces, virtual interfaces, bridges) 
  • Setup of firewalling rules 
  • Setup of Multi-WAN configuration (load balancing / failover) for "n" links
  • Setup of VPN (IPSec, OpenVPN) for site to site or road warrior
  • Setup of QoS / Traffic Shapper (based on HFSC, CBQ, FairQ or PRIQ)
  • Setup of pfSense® software as a Cluster with CARP 
  • Deployment of captive portals (based on passwd authentication, vouchers, or Radius)
  • Deployment of third party services such as : NAT, DHCP, NTP, LoadBalancer, … 
  • Deployment of third party packages such as : Squid Proxy, Snort, … 
  • Integration of pfSense® software in an existing network (Switching, Routing, …)


OSNet is comited to provide you with quality answers as quick as possible (generally within an hour), this being said this type of service is based on a "best effort" support service. 

If you wish a higher level of support (including SLA), please do not hesitate to contact us with precise information about your requests / project. We will be very happy to help you.