Firewall APU2D2

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firewall APU2D2 front view
firewall APU2D2 back view
firewall APU2D2 inside view
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Firewall is delivered with the following items:

  • 1 Firewall APU2D2 (superseeded APU2B2, APU2C2)
  • 1 mSATA mandatory storage device
  • 1 enclosure
  • 1 power cable


firewall APU2D2 front view
firewall APU2D2 back view
firewall APU2D2 inside view

WLE200NX Wi-Fi card description. 

PDF Produit: 

Max Throughput800 Mb/s
Max Throughput (with FW)560 Mb/s
Max VPN throughput - OpenVPN 256 AES120 Mb/s
Max VPN throughput - IPSec 256100 Mb/s
Target usageHome office & branch office
Max # of Eth. Ports3 port(s)
Controller typei211AT
Compatible 10GNo
# of PCIe Ports2 port(s)
# USB ports2 port(s)
OS and Certifications
Operating SystemOPNSense, pfSense, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
CertificationsCE, FCC, RoHS
Physical and Environmental
Chassis form factordesktop
Rack MountNo
Dimensions168 × 157 × 30 in
Weight0.74 kg
Processor frequency1.00 GHz
# of Cores4 core(s)
ChipsetAMD GX-412TC
Memory TypeDDR3
Max Memory Size2.00 GB
Power and Mechanical
Power input12V DC - de 6 à 12W suivant la charge
Redundant PSUNo
System coolingPassif
Disk TypeM-Sata
Max # of Disk(s)1 disk(s)
ZFS supportNo



Enclosed in the APU2D2:

  • CPU: AMD G series GX-412TC, 1 GHz dual Bobcat core with 64 bit support, 32K data + 32K instruction + 512K L2 cache per core
  • DRAM: 2 GB DDR3-1333 MHz DRAM
  • Storage: Boot from SD card (connected through USB), external USB or m-SATA SSD. 1 SATA + power connector.
  • 12V DC, about 6 to 12W depending on CPU load. Jack = 2.5 mm, center positive
  • Connectivity: 3 Gigabit Ethernet channels (Intel i211AT)
  • I/O: DB9 serial port, 2 USB external + 2 internal, three front panel LEDs, pushbutton
  • Expansion: 2 miniPCI express (one with SIM socket), LPC bus, GPIO header, I2C bus, COM2 (3.3V RXD / TXD)
  • Board size: 6 x 6" (152.4 x 152.4 mm) - same as ALIX.2D13 and WRAP.1E
  • Firmware: CoreBoot.
  • Cooling: Conductive cooling from the CPU and south bridge to the enclosure using a 3 mm alu heat spreader (included).
  • mSATA 16GB CompactFlash card, Phison S9 controller
    • MLC NAND flash
    • RoHS compliant


As an option :

  • WiFi Compex WLE200NX card :
    • Atheros XB92 reference design
    • Atheros XSPAN family chipset,P/N AR9280
    • IEEE 802.11n compliant and backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g (802.11n not compatible with pfSense® software)
    • Dual-band 2 x 2 MIMO spatial multiplexing technique
    • Maximum output power 18dBm@802.11a / 20dBm MIMO aggregate
    • Supports up to 300Mbps physical data rates​


  • Pre-installed version of your favorite firewalling solution (OPNSense® software or the pfSense® software)


Firewall tested and compatible with OPNSense or pfSense® system v.2.2.x  --  64 bits and many other OpenSource firewalling or VoIP distribution.