Welcome to OSNet.eu

OSNet.eu is the french leader in OpenSource security appliances. You can securely buy your appliances, NAS and switches directly from our online shop.

We provide a full range of services to help companies setup, deploy and maintain their networks in the best possible conditions.

We are the proud sponsor of the OPNSense® project and long time experts of the pfSense® software. We are also teaming with the Proxmox® OpenSource virtualization project.

Our Firewalls Appliances

OSNet provides a wide range of appliances to suit the needs of small, medium and large size companies. For networks with couple of Mb/s of traffic to multi Gb/s data-centers: OSNet has the right solution for your network.

Our Switches

OSNet is an official HP network reseller. Discover the various HPE and Aruba switches, scale your network, get advises and ask OSNet experts for consulting services. We can help you design and manage your networks. A complementary offer to our OpenSource firewalls.

Our Servers And NAS

OSNet offers a wide range of custom made servers aimed at hosting NAS solutions such as FreeNAS® or the OpenSource virtualization solution Proxmox®. Our servers are designed and optimized for the ZFS filesystem.

Our Services

OSNet provides you with a direct access to a dedicated team of engineers specialized in network and security, experts of the pfSense® and OPNSense softwares. We provide regular training sessions in Paris or directly onsite. Discover our SAAS captive portal management solution and our Global Devices Management solution for your firewalls powered by the pfSense® and OPNSense® softwares.


OSNet.eu website gives you the opportunity to purchase online your Security Appliances directly integrated with the latest OpenSource softwares.

We are also listed as an official reseller of Alix / APU boards. All firewalls that we sell are built with genuine tested hardware.

​Check out our latest offer based on an Alix / APU boards built with M-Sata and pfSense® or OPNSense® software. This is a killer box for doing firewalling and content filtering with SquidGuard or DansGuardian at the same time! An ideal solution for small size offices which want to do content filtering at a very low price.  


OSNet.eu provides online tutorials which will help you configure your appliances and setup your network rapidly. 

The PFSense® software is a top quality OpenSource Firewall system based on the FreeBSD operating system. Thanks to our devices and ready to use policy, you will have an easy access to a web based GUI.

In no time you will be able to configure advanced features such as:

  • Statefull Firewall
  • Network Address Translation
  • Load Balancing
  • Virtual Private Network
  • PPTP Server 
  • PPPoE Server
  • Integrated Monitoring and Reporting system
  • Dynamic DNS  
  • Web Portal
  • DHCP Server
  • Layer 7 filtering which will allow you to filter any existing protocol including  peer-to-peer, streaming, or any other existing protocol 
  • Integration of third party extensions such as Squid and SquidGuard


Every software that is integrated in our Appliance has been tested and carefully reviewed. We guarantee the high quality standard of our integration. 


Who are we?

OSNet.eu is owned by ToDoo, a French, Paris based company created in 2001. ToDoo is the leading reseller of OpenSource security devices. We help our customers design, deploy and manage their OpenSource driven networks and infrastructures. We focus on custom made solutions based on the best hardware and software to create steady and efficient security and networking devices.

Our Skills

Expertise in pfSense® and OPNsense
100 %
Network engineering
90 %
Proxmox integration
85 %
DataCenter security
80 %