DynFi central management solution for pfSense and OPNSense software

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Please have a look at the dynfi.com website for more info about the DynFi Network Management Solution.

You have ten, a hundred or a thousand pfSense® OPNSense® firewalls to manage?
Tired of connecting to each device one at a time?
Looking for a tool that automatically and securly saves your settings ?
You want to have centralized graphs for all your pfSense® OPNSense® devices ?
You want to have a centralized logs archiving ?
You want to keep all your devices up to date at once ?
You just want to index your equipments with their location, addresses, contact names and location information…

Look no further: DynFi® is the tool you need !
It provides centralized management for all your pfSense® or OPNSense® powered firewalls.

DynFi manage all your firewalls

Many features available

Centralized Configuration Management:

  • global overview of all your pfSense® and OPNsense® devices
  • "Direct View" will allow you to get a central access to all your devices (pfSense® or OPNsense®)
  • central Alias Manager allowing you to:
    • create a central Collection
    • broadcast your aliases on all your firewalls
    • synchronize your Collection on any number of firewalls
  • centralized configuration
  • automated configuration backup
  • versioning management
    • ability to compare versions of configuration between devices
    • highlight of diff
    • export feature
  • ability to restore a previous version from a backup

DynFi Sense device management


simple and synthetic visualization of device's configurations:

  • highlighting of offline and unreacheable equipment(s)
  • overview of your VPNs (IPSec / OpenVPN) and network settings
  • fast overview of equipment's configuration
    • IP address of the firewall
    • IP addresses and names of interfaces
    • list of DNS servers
    • list of NTP servers
    • list of deployed packages
    • IPSec configurations
    • details of the IPSec configuration (phases 1 and 2, IP addresses)
    • date of the last connections
    • date of last update of the configuration file

DynFi firewall management system

Centralized upgrade feature

  • simple upgrade of many devices at once


Centralized management of RRD graphs:

  • centralized RRD graphs for all equipments
  • instant access to all graphs
  • creation of a dashboard with your favorite graphs

DynFi RRD central management for your pfsense firewall and opnsense


Automatic logs backup :

  • remote login of all device's logs with a pre-configured environment
  • backup during a period of one year on our platform


DynFi® is available…

As a SAAS Service:

In order to simplify the management of your devices, we provide you with an integrated platform hosted in one of the largest European data center

  • dedicated VM per client
  • access on a single dedicated environment with 100% encrypted configuration
  • secure access through a single dedicated IP to our cloud environment (no access to the public Internet)
  • encryption with a symmetric key of your saved configurations
  • a full backup of our environment via our redundant infrastructure cluster in ZFS
  • no additional package, no specific addon, simply:
    • SSH access by key
    • a dedicated IPSec link


Or as an On Premise solution:

If your company wants to have full control of the "In House" solution, DynFi® solution as a dedicated server.

We will supply a complete server pre-configured and ready to be deployed in your infrastructure with features similar to those described on the SaaS service.
Upgrade to newer release will be free during one year
Support for the implementation of the network parameters will be provided by our teams.


Exciting upcoming features:

  • flow analysis with a NetFlow parser
  • dynamic device configuration
  • dynamic deployment configurations
  • multi-site provisioning
  • dynamic analysis of critical firewall's data
  • ...

For any request for information or quote on this solution please contact us.

DynFi® requires no additional packages, a simple SSH configuration and a VPN connection to allow our platform to access your remote firewalls and thus recover the necessary information from your various equipment (SAAS offer) or simly deploying and connecting your devices to the DynFi® Server solution.

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